Thursday, July 25, 2019

Health Care Informatics - Electronic Health Records Essay

Health Care Informatics - Electronic Health Records - Essay Example Ultimately, EHRs provide protection against natural disasters as well as other dangers that may occur unexpectedly including floods, explosions, and fires since the records are usually stored in databases in multiple locations and can be accessed with ease. They allow the physicians to use their laptops, tablets and mobile phones from one room to the next or different locations while the employees who are on-call can login through secure virtual private networks and get access to information on their patients. EHRs allow the providers along with the patients to get access to information required to reduce errors and improve the satisfaction and outcomes of the patients. 2.List and explain in detail 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages of EHRs. Do not just list your answers. Advantages 1. Cost aversion Majority of the reduced costs linked to EHRs originate from efficiencies that result from having information on patients available electronically. The efficiencies include better test utili zation, reduced resources for the staff in regards to management of patients, reduced cost of supplies required for maintaining paper files as well as reduced costs of transcription and costs associated with pulling charts. Using EHRs can greatly decrease redundant usage of tests or required to send hard copies through the mail to various providers. Through ensuring information about patients is easily available, EHRs assist in the reduction of costs associated with pulling charts and the supplies required in maintaining paper charts.

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